Korčula history

Korčula is the town in witch the past is alive today.Numerous buildings and monuments, from the "psephism" of Lumbarda, the oldest inscription in stone in this part of Europe, to the Korčula catedral , bear witness to the various civilizations witch have been interlaced on this island: Greek, Roman, Illyrian, Croatian, Venetian. The Korčulans where and have remained seamen, shipbuilders, builders, fishermen, stone-cutters and artists, vine and olive cultivators.
The Korčula Statute from 1214 is one of the oldest legal documents in this part of Europe snd it confirms the continuity of civilisation in these areas.

The tradition of Korčula "brotherhoods" and their spectacular processions began in 1301 already and has remained untouched up to the present time.